Welcome to the Visual Kei Archive

This is a project to archive all visual kei music, especially older and lesser knowns bands, as well as other forms of related media and maybe even fan contributions if there is interest. Music may or may not be made publically available on this website, though information about the full contents of the archive will be available. Contributions are welcome.

Visit "visualkeiarchive" on soulseek to see what music is available

The visual kei archive button

HTML code if you would like to display this button on your site:

<a href="https://visualkeiarchive.neocities.org">
    <img src="https://visualkeiarchive.neocities.org/button.png"></a>

Help requests

  • Check band pages for lists of missing files (if a band has no page, assume all files are missing)

  • Need help working out the romanisations of some songs off "A CONNECTIV SYSTEM" by tzkwym
  • Need guidance on how to implement drop-down box with alternate colour schemes for accessibility
  • Need higher quality versions of MEJIBRAY album art. The quality of most on the official site is frankly shocking and I only have Type A Eiki which I still havent scanned yet...
  • I will probably make a separate document for songs I'm struggling to find but right now "~chain~" by DIS eludes me